03 mars 2007

Sushis in downtown !

Today it's still raining. I went to Vancouver with Nadia and Alex (petit sushi!). Nadia invited me to go to Vancouver to eat sushis. She craved to eat some. So , this morning we went to Grandville Island in order to buy a lot of stuff for Nadia's birthday. After, we're done ! It was really neat and very good ! MIAM ! You can eat all just with around 14 dollars ( of which tips...). Now, I am full ! Thanks Nadia ! I have to go sport !

Cécile , Stéphane ... stop laughing ! I didn't take one kilos ! Moreover, it's Nadia's birthday ... so ... I can ...

Oups I forgot , Nadia and Alex showed me 'CupCake' HUMMM !!! Look at those ...

000_0192 000_0193

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